Sunday, April 19, 2009


The life of a mom is filled with milestones and we have hit a few around here worth celebrating. The first one was a couple of weeks ago - Sarah finally decided to take off the training wheels. Abbie took hers off last summer and we thought that it would shame Sarah into it - but no. She said she wasn't ready. Earlier this spring she still wasn't ready. But two weeks ago she decided she was finally ready.

Well, not so much ready as coerced by Drew.

Who refused to take her riding unless she lost the training wheels.

But it worked!

The Everyday Magic challenge at ScrapMatters a couple of weeks ago was to scrap your most recent photos - so these are already done! You can still do the challenge too so check it out.

And check out Sarah with no training wheels:

And then last week we hit another major milestone - Beka is finally potty training!!! She is doing really well too. We have even run errands with just panties on and no accidents!

And I just lost everyone who hasn't potty trained a child. They don't understand and think that I have lost my mind.

So I might as well go all the way and post a picture! Isn't she cute?

All righty then. Still with me? I promise the last milestone does not involve bowel movements.

The prince and I had our 11th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Which begs the question:

What is the traditional 11th Wedding Anniversary gift? Steel.

Hmmm, how about the Modern one then? Fashion jewlery.

Ok, so no gifts this year but we had a nice day with the familiy. Cooked out for dinner since the weather is nice (or at least not rainy) and then played some games after the kids went to bed. It has been a wonderful 11 years - he truly is a prince!

That's it for milestones for now and frankly I am exhausted!

Off to help the toddler in the bathroom -

Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Run Derby and Trooper

It is new release Friday at ScrapMatters and check out these fun new kits! First up is a new one from Haynay "Home Run Derby".

Here is the layout it did with it. I didn't have any baseball pictures but with the primary colors it can be used for just about anything! I also used Haynay's 3's Company Template Pack for this one.

Home Run Derby coordinates with Haynay's other sports themed kits and you can get them all together for a MEGA kit at a MEGA deal - just $9 for all three!! And of course she has a little freebie for you on her blog.

GG Digital Designs also has a new kit out today to continue the birthday celebration - introducing Trooper! Isn't this kit fun?? And when you purchse it there are instructions in the download to get custom engraved dogtags as well! There is also another freebie for you on the GG Digital Designs blog so be sure to stop by and pick it up!
Here is the page that I did with it from our Disney Trip.

Well, that is it for today. We are headed over to my parents house for Easter weekend so I hope you all have a blessed Easter.

Need to get packing -

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inspiration that leads to a freebie for you!

Each month my favorite digi scrapbooking site ScrapMatters has an Inspiration Point Challenge where you are given a piece of inspiration to turn into a scrapbook layout. I admit that I am not always inspired but this month I sure was! Here is the inspiration we were given - it is the back of a cookbook, which might explain why I was inspired since I love to cook and more importantly eat. Hmm, maybe I was just hungry!

I just loved the clean look of it with the photos that bleed all the way to the edge. So here is the layout that I created:

It is pretty different from my normal style, I seriously had to resist putting stitches or a messy mask on there, and I really like how it came out but I couldn't find the perfect word art for it - so I was forced to make my own. I got a few compliments on the word art specifically so I figured that I would give it away as a freebie. BTW - I totally laugh at the idea of me giving away freebies since I don't actually design and sell anything to start with! Anyhoo - here it is - I did it in black for you so that you could recolor however you wanted. Thanks for stopping by and if you download the word art say hi and I would love to see your journey layout using it!

Click HERE to download

Still chuckling about my "freebie" -

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Check out my new digs!!

Check it out!! What do you think, is this snazzy or what?? Yesterday Haynay released some really great blog wear so I just had to trick out my blog with it! This uses Sweetheart Surprise (one of my very favorite kits) - doesn't it just look like it was custom made for me??

Here is the preview for the other blog wear by Haynay and if you want to grab one yourself check out her shop at ScrapMatters.

That's it for tonight but I am going to have a little freebie for you in the next couple of days so don't be a stranger!

Can't stop staring at my beautiful blog -

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to GG Digital Designs ... and the Blog Train!

It is GG Digital Designs 2nd Birthday and the celebration lasts all month long!!

To start the party off is a brand new birthday themed kit called Celebrate! It is fabulous for either a boy or a girl. Here is the kit and the layout that I did with it - so much fun stuff in here!

And now what you came for - as a birthday present for you the Creative Team has put together a BLOG TRAIN full of Celebrate freebies! You should have come from Brooke's Blog and here is my part - some treat toppers for you! There are some for both boys and girls, with or without pictures. Just print them out and staple onto a ziplock bag full of goodies for a special treat!

Download HERE

From here head on over to Amy's Blog for more Celebrate Freebie goodness! If you didn't get on at the beginning you can start here at GG Digital Designs. We are all in different time zones so if someone doesn't have their part up yet be patient and check back in a bit.

Thanks for celebrating with us and don't forget that the party lasts all month long!

Blowing my Party Horn -

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun Weekend Coming and March Layouts

While I have been gone there have been even more changes around the house - most notably a new furnace. So although it has been pretty quiet around here for a while it is about to get pretty exciting! There are several new releases coming from my favorite designs this weekend and GG Digital Designs is kicking off a month long birthday celebration! There will be a blog train and lots of freebies so be sure to pop back in on Friday.

Most of my March scrapping was spent doing a little purse book of our Disney Trip but I still got some other layouts done as well - so here they are:

Getting ready for the fun!