Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And then there was one ... rat that is ...

Today we buried Teddy the rat. It was a pretty sad day for Abbie and I think that she is going to be a little broken hearted for a while. Teddy was a good pet and now Rosie is all alone and seems a bit lost. We have flushed a few fish but this is the first "real" pet that we have had to bury which is made a little more difficult because these rats are truly Abbie's and she loves them a lot (so much so that she requested them on her birthday cake). Any advice on how to make this childhood rite of passage easier on her would be greatly appreciated.

Goodbye Teddy ... you will be missed...

Wearing Black -

Friday, February 20, 2009

We're Back!! Just a few quick Announcements ...

We are back from Disney World!! We had a FABULOUS time and it is hard adjusting back to "normal" life. I am wading through all the pictures and ordered our PhotoPass CD yesterday so pictures (and I am sure lots of layouts!) are coming. I am also going to start writing a trip report on TourGuideMike - is anyone interested in reading it? If so, I will post it here as well.

Alright - now for some digi-scrap announcements! My favorite designers have been busy while I was gone so I will catch you up :)

First up is a new kit from GG Digital Designs - The Happy Place!!! Don't you just LOVE this color palette?? It makes me happy just looking at it!

I used it on a layout I did for a Grand Theft Layout Challenge at ScrapMatters (this is what happens with three little girls get a-hold of the camera!):

GG Digital Designs also did a Twice as Nice with Happy Scrap Girl - Fairy Princess!

I thought that it was perfect for documenting Sarah's first visit from the Tooth Fairy! I did this layout at the evening Speed Scrap this week - it was a monochromatic-ish theme and I really like how it came out.

Next up is a new kit from Haynay released today!! She took my FAVORITE paper pack and turned it into a full size kit - yea!!! And of course she has a coordinating freebie for you on her blog.

Here is the layout I did with it.

And lastly - you will not want to miss the new Daily Download starting on Monday at ScrapMatters!!! Haynay was one of the designers on this one so I was lucky enough to get the full kit all at once and you will want every piece of this fantastic kit!! Be sure to visit the forums at ScrapMatters everyday for a piece and get this entire cool kit for free!

Whew!!! Didn't I tell you that they were busy while I was gone??

Well, I better get motivated - these suitcases aren't going to unpack themselves!

Nursing a Disney Hangover -

Friday, February 6, 2009

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E .... See ya real soon!

The time has finally come to fly off to Walt's World in Florida - we leave in just a few hours!! I can't believe that after planning this trip for over a year that it is finally here but I am READY!! I won't show you all the spread sheets that have been printed out (you know you love a good Excel spreadsheet!) but I did make a few cute things for the trip to share.

This is the contract the girls will sign tonight at dinner before we leave - The Princess Royal Rules! Has things on it like: The servants did not come with us on this journey so therefore I am responsible for keeping my area picked up and my things in order. And of course the most important princess rule: Princesses don’t whine. I won’t whine or throw a fit while at Walt Disney World.
These are a few things I did using my digi-scrap supplies. There is an altered mini M&M tube that holds quarters and nickles for pressed pennies, a stroller ID card for our rental stroller and each of the girls are getting a journal to write in with some activity pages (these came out so great!):
Ok, ok ... so I didn't make this one but I did have so how off my Minnie Mouse pedicure!! This is as closed to dressed up as I get.

Well, that is it! I may or may not post while we are there but I will definately be doing a trip report when we get back and there will be LOTS of pictures to scrap!

See Ya Real Soon!

Half Speed and new kit from Haynay

Just a few fun digi-scrap things to share. First is that I did manage to make it to one of the Speed Scraps this week eventhough it has been incredibly busy getting ready too leave for The World (Disney that is!). Here is the layout - it didn't seem to be coming together and then we I turned the photos Sepia it clicked. I really liked the Sepia photos for the old cookhouse:

Next up is Haynay's new kit Kamping Rocks!!!! With all our camping/hiking pictures I am so excited to have this awesome kit - plus you can get a great freebie on Haynay's Blog!

Here is the layout I did with it - I just love that bark paper!

Opps! I just realized that I forgot to show you the new kit from GG Digital Designs that was released last weekend! Did you go guess at the name? NO ONE guessed it right - so here it is - Smitten! Plus, she did a ton of Super Cute other things to coordinate like a chipboard album, valentine cards and more - so check out her shop at ScrapMatters to see it all!

And here is my layout - I love the color combo in this kit!

That's all I have for now because I need to go finish the last of the packing but I will be back later to show you all my fun stuff I have for the big trip - only 12 more hours until we leave!!!

Dreamin' of Disney -